PVC Heat Shrink Film is the most common and economical type of Shrink Film available. When heat is applied to the Shrink Film it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. Heat can be applied with a hand held heat gun or the product and film can pass on a conveyor through a heat or shrink tunnel.It only need low shrink initiation temperature . In aluminium industry, mostly it is used to pack the profiles , doors and windows by manual or machinery.

The PVC shrink film can be in sheet, tuber and folded type as per your requirements. Also it can be printed with your logo or slogan , even can match more attractive base colors.

What’s more, for PVC shrink film, there can be more options for your choices on raw material , and it can be pure material, also can be some percentage recycled material to get a more economy types.  Thickness,  


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