Alu-Film - More than Enough Choices



Packaging play an very important roles during aluminium profiles and deeper processing procedures. So good and proper packaging material is one of the key factors to avoid profiles to be damaged or scratched. Therefore, good choices on these packaging film won’t make your 99% effort become failed at the last moment.

Excellent Heat Shrink Performance;
More options on Material choices;
High price cost rate;

Pure Material to be good strength;
Difference Adhesion level as requested;
No Residual After tearing off; 

BOPP Packaging tape
LLDPE Stretch Film
EPE foam edges protection
PET protection film

Free Samples Available

Not sure if we are a good match for you or what you want to use? Free samples are available to test before you make any decision. You are the decision maker if  it’s workable with you.